Music is dynamic, and of late it has been changing rapidly. We as fans follow the lead therefore, artists are forced to follow suit as well to keep up. Hip Hop music has always been dominating our airwaves and mostly catering to a certain niche and community.
            We hear new songs played on the regular from artists who come and go and form those who have been in the game for quite some time. One may wonder how some have managed to stay relevant and how the newbies managed to penetrate the market too.
            Like they always say, Rap is poetry, but how creative are rappers these days? Does it really translate to what we fans want? How do we respond to that? Well I guess we all have answers to most if not all of these questions. If a singer communicates well with us, of course we respond by pushing and jamming to their music in all sorts of ways.
Today on The Sopranist Blog we got a chance to Profile a young Rapper from the north of Botswana in Francistown. This is how it

For those who don’t know B-Blok, tell them who you are.
            My name is Baboloki B-blok Dambe, I was born on the 2nd of August 1989 and raised in Francistown. My home village is Nswazwi. I am from a family of 5, 4 boys and one girl. I did my primary at Mahube Primary School then proceeded to Donga Junior Secondary School followed by Francistown Senior School then Limkowing University and Institute of Development Management.
            I consider myself to be an open minded, friendly guy and naturally shy guy, but I make sure I don’t disclose that to people though LOL.

Without wasting any time, let’s get straight to it, your music, take us through your music career from inception to date?
            I started listening to hip hop at the age of 11 from my elder brothers. By the age of 14 I had started raping and I went by the name, Lil Rhyme a name I was given by my ghost writer (Rich). When I was 15, my crush gave me the name B-Blok, which was taken from my birth name Baboloki, I also started writing my own lyrics and by then I was only doing underground music. At 16, I put music aside and concentrated on my studies and it was later during my Senior School years that I continued with Music. I met other Rappers and we got to exchange music ideas.
            After completing my grade 12, I started working on producing my own beats and later on dropped a 24 track mixtape that featured people from my Hood (Somerset Extension) and still, we were underground.
The Sopranist Blog has had privilege to get to know a couple of Artists in Botswana, but today we are very much pleased to profile a team of young Batswana putting Botswana on the Map through their unique sounds performances and techniques. This Group is no stranger to many of us as they have been all over and they are hard to miss, they have been blasting our Radio stations, TVs, International Concerts and shows in and out the country. Their uniqueness, charm and fashion sense has captured hearts of many.
Today we are very much delighted to be profiling the one and only Team Distant, these guys have been working hard and still are to be where they are now. This is what they got to say.

Team Distant, a group of 4 members, kindly share with us who you guys are?
            Team Distant is a youthful Botswana based contemporary house music group comprised of four producer performers. A culturally rooted quad-who pride themselves in their Sesubiya Language which they use in their vocals who have changed our local music feel and atmosphere by adopting and implementing the live music aspect through improvising percussions in their sets: drum sets, cymbals, shakers and tambourine. It all came together after their manager and Director Pukka Entaile discovered the four firebrands half-way into 2012 at their tertiary institution (Limkokwing University) of which they still attend. The group continues to enjoy massive support and numerous daily plays in radio media.
            Modelling!!! What comes to mind when you hear that!!?? 6 foot lanky dark skinned girls? Naomi Campbell, Aleck Wek, Iman or Kaone Kario Perhaps? Well, I think of the ladies and gents who have revolutionized the fashion industry by being about able to show and sell us garments through their artistic traits and uniqueness.
            One might ask, what attributes one to become a desired model? A 6 foot dark skinned cocky girl? A skinny cocky blue eyed square faced girls or guys? Throughout the years, these modelling stereotypes have been broken, we have seen Shows like America’s Next Top Model crown plus sized and petite models. We have also since seen albino and curvilious models featured in Fashion Shows as well as International prints and campaigns.
            Coming back to Africa, Batswana models don’t want to be left behind in the industry as well, we see a whole of lot of models working tirelessly, day in day out and being represented by International Agencies. They get recognised and featured by International Brands. Today The Sopranist Blog is please to feature our very own Motswana Professional Model making it for herself. 

Give us a brief about yourself.
            Thabang Mmolotsi is a professional model who has been doing it for almost 7 years now. Born and raised in the Village of Morwa in Kgatleng. I am a very simple young Motswana Lady.

I follow you on social media and you are very active, what do you think of social media and what you do?
            I must admit, social media can build and or break you. I have built my brand through social media and some of the jobs I got them through it because people had seen my work.
            I honestly have to say social media played and still play a vital role in my career, it has helped me a lot. I push my Brand as Thabang Mmolotsi through Facebook, Instagram and the like.
            Disc Jockeys as they are formally known, however in this day and age we all know them simply as DJs.
            Most people always say, besides hyper active party lovers, a DJ is a life of the party, he or she can either make a party or an event a banger or a flop.
            Botswana has been blessed with such talent (DJs) and most of them have been working so hard to even get recognition miles and miles away from home by big names like BBC just to mention a few. A lot of them just like many artists within the country and worldwide wither away in time whilst some are still hanging on. 
            The Sopranist Blog took time to get to know one of the DJs in Botswana who hails from the North of Botswana, Francistown and making his mark in the DJ industry.

Please kindly lead us with an introduction about yourself.
            My birth names are Arnold Chengeta, born and bred in Francistown AKA Ghetto. I am a DJ, I go by the name DJ Cheng, the name is simply from my surname Chengeta. Back in the days my friends found it cool to call me Cheng, hence incorporated that into my stage name DJ Cheng.

When did you start DJ’ng, what or who were your early passions and influences?
            Being behind the decks it’s something I fell in love with probably around 2004 when I saw my cousin Kris blending two songs together and they sounded ONE. Each time he did his mixes he would say “Magic! Magic!” and I fell in love with that magic.