Team Distant - The Most Versatile House Music Group in Botswana

The Sopranist Blog has had privilege to get to know a couple of Artists in Botswana, but today we are very much pleased to profile a team of young Batswana putting Botswana on the Map through their unique sounds performances and techniques. This Group is no stranger to many of us as they have been all over and they are hard to miss, they have been blasting our Radio stations, TVs, International Concerts and shows in and out the country. Their uniqueness, charm and fashion sense has captured hearts of many.
Today we are very much delighted to be profiling the one and only Team Distant, these guys have been working hard and still are to be where they are now. This is what they got to say.

Team Distant, a group of 4 members, kindly share with us who you guys are?
            Team Distant is a youthful Botswana based contemporary house music group comprised of four producer performers. A culturally rooted quad-who pride themselves in their Sesubiya Language which they use in their vocals who have changed our local music feel and atmosphere by adopting and implementing the live music aspect through improvising percussions in their sets: drum sets, cymbals, shakers and tambourine. It all came together after their manager and Director Pukka Entaile discovered the four firebrands half-way into 2012 at their tertiary institution (Limkokwing University) of which they still attend. The group continues to enjoy massive support and numerous daily plays in radio media.

In 2012 through 2013 we saw you guys blasting the airwaves topping charts across the nation with your single “Oni Korota” and now you are back in the charts yet again with a banging tune “Sax on the floor”, where do you guys get inspiration from when coming up with your music
            We get a lot of inspiration from music in general, be it Jazz, Kwaito, Hip-hop, house, Fusion and the likes.

I understand you guys say you are DJs and Performers, how does that gel together?
            Our sound is based on the use of the African drums. So the use of percussions and drums on stage are just to enhance creativity and to amuse the market.

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What makes your group unique from the other acts in Botswana?
We have adopted and implemented the live music concept through the improvising of percussions in our acts-the use of drums, shakers, tambourine, cymbals and deejaying and afro dance routines.

You sing mostly in Sesubiya, why did you decide to adopt the language that is not understood by many?
            The Sesubiya Language is one of the indigenous linguists that we pride ourselves in hence the use of the language.

I hear a lot of artists and people in the entertainment industry saying that the music industry in Botswana is growing and changing rapidly, what is it that you are doing to make yourself stay relevant.
            Music is both diverse and dynamic, it keeps on changing. So relevancy is basically what the market wants and being inspired by a lot of artists from different genres makes creativity speak for itself thus making our music relevant across all markets.

Sounds of Team Distant

Since your rise to fame, where have you performed and with whom have you shared stages with? Moreover, how was the experience?
            We have performed in South Africa, Lesotho and we were in Namibia on the 1st of August. We have shared stages with the likes of Ja-Rule, Black Motion, Afrikan Roots, Heavy-K, Ringo Madlingozi, Zahara, Dj Clock, Dj Ski, Malaika, Rebecca Malope, Black Coffee and Ndingo Johwa.

How many albums or singles have your released to date and how is the response from Batswana?
            We have released 4 radio singles to date and the response is so overwhelming.
Who do you or have you worked with on your music?
            We have worked with Afrikan Roots, Dj Sy, Lee Kgopana, Kapenda Katuta, Dtroy, K-Mo, Vee, La-Timmy just to mention a few.

How do you promote your music to Batswana and the rest of the world?
            We promote our music through social media-YouTube, Datafile, Sharing News, Twitter, Facebook and staging performances.

Every artist, performer, writer and so forth will tell you that they have moments that they treasure throughout their careers, can you guys tell us a few moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives in your career?
            Our most treasured moment is when we performed at the All Africa Youth Games in 2014 which were viewed by the whole of Africa.

Who do you guys look up to being it famous or not famous?
Salif Keita, Oliver Mtukudzi, Oskido, Socca Moruakgomo, Culoe De Song, Black Motion, Home Boys, Black Coffee and our Families.

Let’s talk about the ladies, you seem to be getting a LOT of attention from the female counterparts, why is that so and how are you handling it?
            We take our selves seriously, we are their boyfriends’ role models so yeah. Hahahaha!!! Discipline...Discipline...Discipline...

Are you guys involved in music only or you have other projects that you are doing on the side?
            Apart from music, we are also involved in charitable activities and we are also working on setting up a music academy at the moment as a way of showing our worth and unleashing youth talent.

How is your schedule for the next 5 months before we bid 2015 farewell?
Eish!!!Work...Work...and More Work in Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa

How does the future look for Team Distant and you individually??
            We'd say the future has a lot in store for us. We planning to partake more in Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy geared initiatives. We are also working on a major project so just sit back, relax and watch the space..

Do you guys consider yourself to be role models and why?
            Yeah!! Because we are an inspiration to a lot of people especially the youth in terms of our music and style, we set trends.

Anything else you guys would rather do than music?
            We are passionate about business, entrepreneurship and we see it as a means for social change. We believe that education is one vehicle we can use to achieve this, by empowering people.

How can one get a hold of you to either get your music or keep up to date with your works and everything?
Our Contacts are as folows;
MOBILE: (+267) 72362929
Twitter:  @teamdistant     
Facebook: Team Distant

Words of wisdom from Team Distant.
Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself and when you become a leader, success is all about growing others.. 

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