Thabang Mmolotsi, a professional model chasing her dream

            Modelling!!! What comes to mind when you hear that!!?? 6 foot lanky dark skinned girls? Naomi Campbell, Aleck Wek, Iman or Kaone Kario Perhaps? Well, I think of the ladies and gents who have revolutionized the fashion industry by being about able to show and sell us garments through their artistic traits and uniqueness.
            One might ask, what attributes one to become a desired model? A 6 foot dark skinned cocky girl? A skinny cocky blue eyed square faced girls or guys? Throughout the years, these modelling stereotypes have been broken, we have seen Shows like America’s Next Top Model crown plus sized and petite models. We have also since seen albino and curvilious models featured in Fashion Shows as well as International prints and campaigns.
            Coming back to Africa, Batswana models don’t want to be left behind in the industry as well, we see a whole of lot of models working tirelessly, day in day out and being represented by International Agencies. They get recognised and featured by International Brands. Today The Sopranist Blog is please to feature our very own Motswana Professional Model making it for herself. 

Give us a brief about yourself.
            Thabang Mmolotsi is a professional model who has been doing it for almost 7 years now. Born and raised in the Village of Morwa in Kgatleng. I am a very simple young Motswana Lady.

I follow you on social media and you are very active, what do you think of social media and what you do?
            I must admit, social media can build and or break you. I have built my brand through social media and some of the jobs I got them through it because people had seen my work.
            I honestly have to say social media played and still play a vital role in my career, it has helped me a lot. I push my Brand as Thabang Mmolotsi through Facebook, Instagram and the like.

Where are you currently based?
            I’m currently based in Johannesburg South Africa and signed under Boss Model agency.

When and how did you get into modelling?
            It all started back when my sister suggested it to me, but I brushed it off since I was just a tomboy and didn’t understand anything about it. It was only later that I fell in love with it then gave a try at the Gemstones auditions in 2008 and made it to the top 30. In that very same year, I auditioned for the Nokia Face of Africa in Botswana too and I made it to the top 10. That’s how everything kicked off, I never looked back since, I had offers from different countries, but just because I wasn’t trusting I never followed through with any of them and I decided to stick to my country until I met the right people and took it from there until I got to where I am right now, Johannesburg.

What and or who influenced you to choose this path?
            My mom played a major role contributing to where I am now, she went out of her way to pay for all my expenses to travel to South Africa for coaching and training. She would use her last cents to pay for everything I needed to go through those classes. She is my bigger person here and my family too, followed by friends, they keep me going all the time.

What kind of a model are you (runway, ad, show girl, promotion etc)
            Mmmh, It feels good to fall under all categories, at the moment I’d say I do it all. I haven’t pinned myself to a limited category. I am however more into runway and print though.

When and what was your first modelling gig and how did it go?
            My very first gig was an AIDS Awareness Billboard and I only got paid P120 yes 120pula. I was hired through an agent that time, so the agency did everything including the pay. Besides the pay, it was an amazing experience and I am grateful for the platform they gave me.

What Jobs have you done since you started modelling and which one are you proud of the most and why?
            Throughout my journey as model in Botswana I have done local Fashion Shows like Colour In the Desert, Gaborone Fashion Week, Botswana Fashion Week, DTC Shinning Light Awards Show, just to mention a few. I have also worked with amazing designers like Mothusi Lesolle, Mpho Kuaho, Lesedi Matlapeng, Botho Chalebgwa and others and very much humbled. I have also done Zimbabwe Fashion Week in 2014 and booked for 2015 as well. I have also had a chance to work with our very own renowned International model Kaone Kario in these shows as well as designers such as David Tlale, Thula Sindi and Laguan Smith. I have also worked with First National Bank (FNB) South Africa and I loved it so much, featured in South Africa's Soul Magazine hair feature, BTC Billboard, BeMobile Ads.

From when you started to-date how has the industry changed and what can you forecast about the future?
            The industry back home is growing. It’s way better than when I started. When we started, a lot of agents were so into dark skinned people but now it’s much more different. I do believe in years to come we will understand a lot and way better than we do today.

You have added 7Delan in your Resume, share with us how you scoped the deal.
            Well just like any other freelancer, I applied to an agency and told them that I wanted to be an actor and they responded positively and I sent them back my details and I then got called back and told I was booked for a gig and it was 7Delaan.
            I was in 7Delaan playing a small role working as a waitress in the Oppikoffie, but sadly it ended. The experience was really amazing made a whole lot of friends from actors to make-up artists, production team, I loved it. Every time I need advice about something I do get back to them, they are just beautiful souls. If I knew how to speak Afrikaans I’d go knock on their doors and tell them I’m free and ready to take up a challenge.

You are signed with BOSS Management in South Africa, how does it feel being with an internationally renowned agency?
            I am not going to lie, I am signed with an amazing agency, from the day they welcomed me into their family I have been busy, they sent me for casting few weeks into the agency and booked few jobs. I have done fashion shows, Shoots and trainings with them. My recent jobs that I got through the agency include FNB AD, PQ Magazine, UJ Fashion, A shop Catalogue and recently wrapped a TV commercial for DULUX. I’m more than grateful for all that the agency is doing for me.

Were you signed with any agency prior to getting the Boss Management deal?
            I was a freelancer before but a few people and show producers suggested that I check on them. I had applied for 4 agencies and I got positive feedback from 3 agencies including some in Cape Town but my gut feeling took me to BOSS Model Management.

What would you say was and is the highlight of your career as a model?
            My first South Africa Magazine Hair feature in 2012 (Soul Magazine). Since then I never looked back, I pushed so hard and still pushing.

The modelling industry is filled with a whole lot of misconceptions, which one bothers you the most and how do you deal with it?
To be honest I am not bothered by anything related to what people think. If you have a version of how you want your life to be you can make it without shortcuts. Misconceptions are created by people who believe in shortcuts in life, people who believe that for you to make it in life you need to do something against your morals and principles. I say work hard the right way, people who see your handwork with come along and lend you a hand.

Do you think modelling conventions and searches are a good place to start a modelling career or are they are a total rip-off?
            I would say it’s good and bad at the same time, bad in the sense that some are all out to make money and rip models off. And good because they can give you expose and introduce you to greater things.

What is your motto in life?
            Don’t live your life to please anyone

What makes you angry?
            I hardly ever get angry, I don’t remember the last time I was angry, but one thing that will make me angry is someone who would think they are better than other people and mistreat them

What's your favourite place to eat and what is your favourite meal?
            Melrose Arch – The Meat
            Anything with pasta

How do you stay fit?
            I am born with this genes thanks to my mom LOL!! I don’t try hard but I have started a smoothie routine. I have i in the morning and sometimes in the evening. I DON’T do gym.

3 things you’d take with on a 1 month vacation overseas.
            Phone, Make up and cologne.

Your celebrity Crush.
            The one and only Tyson Beckford

What do you think it’s the biggest mistake that people who try to pursue modelling career make?
            I would say getting into the industry unprepared. You should be sure of what you want, if you don’t know where you are going and not sure whether you’ll make it you are not ready. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make it, the biggest mistake is to dwell on the negative feedback you get from people you ask advice from or even ones that randomly throw their two cents, not everything that come out from people’s mouths will be what you expect or want to hear be prepared for all. Once more, don’t do it for fame but rather passion and try by all means to work on your style and uniqueness to be memorable.

Where do you see yourself in the next coming years?
            If not a professional actor, I’ll definitely be a Business Woman

Words of advice for everyone who wants to follow in your footsteps
            If you believe and love modelling, go for it, take rejections as encouragement. Do not do it for the money and fame

Where can people get to see your work?

You can find me on Facebook Thabang Mmolotsi

Follow me on Instagram  @thabangmmolotsi

My Boss Model Portfolio Thabang Mmolotsi

Signing out
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