Has SCAR started an Ntueleng Movement? #Ntueleng

          So big S.C.A.R dropped our own local Version of Bitch Better Have My Money single, NTUELENG which is his latest radio single offering from his upcoming Album REDemption.

SCAR is one of the Hip/Hop talents in Botswana that has been in the game for quite along time and has managed to stay relevant in the industry, compared to some Hip Hop stars who just vanished into thin air, I mean like what happened to those MCs who were featured on the All Kasi Anthem Launch? They just pulled a Sthandwa Mmopi on us (Remember Flava Dome the RE GO TSHOTSE GIRL with Thabiso Nasha, she done hibernated)

        Anyways,, if you haven’t heard NTUELENG you better listen, this is a great Anthem to address whoever owes you, December, Queues Metsholo DRAMA, walk to that meeting with NTUELENG Queued up on your playlist ready to play them the chorus;

"Madi ame baa tsere, Madi ame baa tsere, Ntueleng/ Madi ame Bankeng, Madi ame Pateng, Ntueleng"

Get the Full song at -----> Naomii Music
 Apparently in this song, SCAR is voicing out exploitation that, they as Artists and Local talent are facing out there, they work so hard for so little or even nothing. It’s time the get paid for their talents.
It always saddens me when talent goes all out and give all they got and later get mistreated, show promoters playing ‘Marco Polo’ on them, paying them 1% of the pay they give to international artists.
Is scar starting a MOVEMENT? If you go through his HASHTAG #NTUELENG interesting updates he puts up:

What do you think about NTUELENG?
It’s already blasting your radios stations

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