Lot Lorah, a star in her own way

The Sopranist Blog has been profiling young talent from Botswana, today it’s no different, we have profiled a young talented Motswana in the modeling industry and she goes by the name Lot Lorah, she is one of the busy Freelancers that’s on our faces on the regular.

Check out what we got up to with her.

Please introduce your lovely self, where you are from, what you do and where you are based.
Hello, my name is Lot, Lorato Lot Marope!!I am a fashion model, communications practitioner and a wellness coach. One of the first “90s babies”, so I am on my mid-twenties. I did most of my schooling in Francistown, but ke Mmirwa from Bobonong.

I follow you on social media and I got to know that you are one hell of a funny and sarcastic lady, do people get it or some get offended?
I’ll take that as a compliment, being sarcastic is a positive thing, right!? Well some don’t get it and end up feeling offended, but some are “cool enough” to get it and laugh it off hehehe!

What’s your motto in life?
 “If it is, then sweat for it”
I believe that once you’ve spotted what you really want in life you have to work hard for it.

When and how did you get into modelling?
I started professional modelling in 2008. I was doing my foundation year in Limkokwing University, Malaysia, and one fashion design student had asked me to help her with her assignment. Garments showcasing led to photo shoots and before I knew it I was walking for Limkokwing Fashion Club during the FORD Models fashion show in Kuala Lumpur.

What kind of a model would you say you are?
I am a bit of everything, but my favourite will be runway and promotional modelling.

What and or who influenced you to choose this path?
This has always been a personal thing; I can’t say there was someone who led me to modelling. I was mostly influenced by my height, I decided to move away from the common activities that are normally associated with being tall like volleyball and netball. I wanted to do something different with my tallness, and I chose modelling. But I do appreciate the support and courage I get from my family and close friends, I am so thankful.

From when you started to-date how has the industry changed and what can you forecast about the future?
The modelling industry has changed, so much. It has changed for the good, I believe now there is creativity and better paying jobs as compared to five + years ago.

What was your first modelling gig and how did it go?
I started off with a photo shoot, and it was so exciting, I really enjoyed myself! My first runway show was when I worked with Limkokwing Fashion Club for the FORD Models fashion show. It was a challenge for me, probably because I was working with professionals, people who had been in the industry for some time.

What jobs have you done since you started modelling and which one/s are you proud of the most and why? 
I’ve walked for Creativity In Motion (a fashion event aimed at showcasing talents of students from Limkokwing University, Malaysia). I also got the opportunity to work with international brands such as KisMas, Auto Air Brush Workshop and NAJJAH Boutique, all based in Malaysia. 
One of the most exciting shows (and my personal favourite), that I have done was for ADDIDAS ALL 24, which is an annual event by ADDIDAS International, which showcases youth talents, from fashion design, sports etc.
Locally I’ve walked for Lansmore Wedding Expo fashion show among others, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with the famous GaTsh Fros, Thato@Whis and Anthony of SER TONY COUTURE INTERNATIONAL.

Do you have any awards under your belt?
I am the current Tourism and Culture Model Ambassador for SADC Fashion Week which was held in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2014.

Who is your favourite photographer and why?
I am a big fan of BenDan Photography, simply because they are nice to work with. They are a dedicated pair and they take their craft seriously.

What would you say was and is the highlight of your career as a model?
My whole modelling journey has been quite lit, from being part of Limkokwing Fashion Club and walking for their Creativity In Motion Fashion Show(s), being part of ADDIDAS All 24, being an award holder / ambassador for SADC Fashion Week.

Of all the designers around the world, Botswana included as well, whose line would you like to model?
I am not a particular person so I don’t to have any designer in mind. 

The modelling industry is filled with a whole lot of misconceptions, which one bothers you the most and how do you deal with it?
The belief that all models are supposed to starve or do starve themselves to have good bodies; a lot of fashion models live healthy lifestyles that include healthy eating and exercising. 

Do you think modeling conventions and searches are a good place to start a modeling career or are they are a total rip-off?
They are good initiatives, but lately some people have turned them into income techniques, which are formed for profit making other than promoting talent.

Are you signed with an agency yourself?
I am and have always been a freelancing model, I am not signed under any agency.

You seem to be working a lot with SER TONY, can you brief us on the relationship?
Tony is a good friend of mine, and we have a lot in common. He is also a good fashion designer. When a fashion designer and a fashion model meet...!!

What makes you angry?

What's your bad quality?
Procrastination, but I’m slowly leaving it behind.

What's your favourite place to eat?
My house. I believe I am a good cook, and I really enjoy what I’ve prepared.

How do you stay fit?
I always try to eat right, and drink a lot of water. Plus I go hiking weekly and I do regular Taebo workouts.

How do you balance what you do with family?
Good planning, everything has its own time. So I know when I am supposed to be working and when to be with family.

Anything else you’d rather do besides what you do now?
Nothing at all, I am at peace.

Any hidden talents?
Cooking and beading…honestly I don’t know if I have any hehehe!!

3 things you’d take with on a 1 month vacation overseas.
My daughter
My Bible
Vaseline p.jelly

Words of wisdom to our readers please…
Know what you want and go for it!!

Get in contact with her via:
Email: lotmrp@ymail.com
Facebook: LOT LORAH
Twitter: @LOTLorah
Instagram: @LotLorah 

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