The YAMAs are Back Ladies and Gents

The YA.M.As
(((((Are back))))))

Yes the YAMAs are back people, Hashtag #YAMAs.
            YaronaFM Music Awards are back Ladies and Gents, if you missed them last year, now this is the time to make a Debut and if you fucked up last year it’s the time to redeem yourself. Get those hot numbers ready for the event, but before then, support your Favourites.
            The event last year received, well…. kind of mixed reviews but leaning mostly to the positive side hence being back for the second year. The event got more publication nationwide as people were on an uproar about it, social media went crazy about the event
            Who can forget the red carpet moments, with what The Berry that has a Heart wore, yes that was amongst the most talked about numbers. This lady had people talking and still does to date, then the Gatsfros, with what some people didn’t approve of, in their White Lace kinda dress, I guess it’s fashion of course, like they always say, fashion has dares and they dared us of course. Like I said before, fashion is all about dares, we saw people in military gear pushing the boundaries, tuxedos, African prints, and some however went out really safe with their black numbers.

So!!, The questions on our minds right now IS, WHAT should we expect this year?

            Last year there was a competition held in search for the Event hosts are they going to follow the same procedure again this year? Well, I think that would be nice because they’ll be availing an opportunity to that one or 2 upcoming presenters out there
            Anyways, back to the main focus of the post, the Nominations. A lot of new artist have come out hard this year, one would even think they have kicked the old artists to the curb, or have they??
            I guess it’s a good thing that the new comers are really working hard to be recognised with such awards nominations. One in particular caught my attention. It’s a female artist and not having been in the industry for long, she is already dominating this year’s awards, she is up with 5 nominations including Artist Of The Year and Song Of The Year which according to me these categories are a BIG deal for artists. She is really coming for blood. She goes by the name Gaone and her lead single has been blowing up some steam and has been blasting our radios locally and even killing it internationally, topping the charts everywhere it gets played. Indeed this lady dropped a masterpiece.
            I see her snatching one or two and if not ALL the awards she’s nominated for, pulling a Taylor Swift moment on us. She is then followed by our very own Boys in second place MMP Family who aren’t strangers to the YAMAs with 4 nominations alongside E.P.I.C as well with 4. Another new comer coming in third is Chef Gustos with 3 nominations, him and A.T.I.
So here are the nominees according to the YaronaFM website.

Best New comer
Best Single Male
Best Single Female
Chef Gustos
Sasa Klass - Mmamongwato
E.P.I.C- Respct Boy
Chrome - No Track Ya Summer
Amantle- Drop it Down
Romeo Stunner
A.T.I- Ka Cing
Licky - Free Love

Best Hip Hop DJ
Best HipHop/Motswako
Best House DJ
E.P.I.C - Respect Boy
Ricky Lamar
Chrome - No Track Ya Summer
B-Block - Top Shambole
Chrispin The Drummer
Macx Wa Bana
Romeo Stunner - Milidzani Maboko

Best Dance
Best Social Media
Best Producer
Kopisa- Gaone
Prez Beatz
Come - Chef Gustos
DJ Kuchi
Bang! Gae
Keresiya - DJ Anthem
DJ Izzy
Chef Gustos
Ambuye - DJ Gouviea

Artist of The year People's Choice award
Song of the year
Best Collabo
MMP Family
Kopisa - Gaone
Thel'ubumnandi - Lif'Aman / Sama /Kheza Matofani
Lebala Ka Nna - MMP Family
Hee Wena - E.P.I.C
Nijel Amos - DJ Izzy / Scar / Zeus / A.T.I
DJ Kuchi
Mogolo Lapeng - MMP Family

Hee Wena - E.P.I.C / Young Black/ Chrome
Sasa Klaas

DR Tawana

Kentucky - DJ Fiction & Ryan Blaze / Ohmz Tha Don
La Timmy

So my fellow blog reader, who are you rooting for? I have already seen some nominees working really hard to get your votes. Voting costs only P0.80 and you can vote as many times as you can until the 5th November 2015.
Congrats to every artist nominated for a YAMA, stay working hard on your craft, YaronaFM and Batswana have seen and listened to your good music, so keep going hard on it and bring out the good stuff.
G O O D   L U C K !!!!!

Signing out
Mr Orsen Pepe
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