I have been blogging about talent for quite some time and I have even featured artists on my blog, readers who follow my work will be familiar with my saying time and time again that the music industry is taking a different track in Botswana. Is it for the good or for the worst? Well it’s up to how each individual sees it. In my opinion the industry is growing rapidly and the ‘SMART’ artists and entrepreneurs are making use of the opportunities the industry is dishing out.
            Batswana artists are always complaining about how people don’t buy their music. My question is “What are they doing about it or what have they done to date?” Complaints without any resolution ideas are merely deemed as NOISE.

                                                                                               Article by Abbie Ndlovu  

            It has been 7 weeks since we celebrated Botswana's 49th year of Independence and I am sitting here reminiscing on that Independence week. I was blessed to have worked only the Monday and had the rest of the week off. As you can imagine, I utilized my free week to the max! I traveled a bit, attended the Independence Eve event that was at the National Stadium (amazing fireworks!) and attended three weddings (if I don't count the one wedding we found at the church my friends were going to use for their wedding). I never had any time to rest.  It took three solid days out of the following week for me to fully recover - mind, body and soul.
Speaking of weddings, apparently Independence week will go down history as the week with the most perfect wedding dates. I found myself on Wednesday the 30th of September, my country Botswana's Independence Day, rendering a poem at one of my friends' wedding and having to rush to another wedding immediately after that. The second wedding of the day was going to be a night wedding. Without much rest from the day's two events, I had to pack a night bag plus my outfit for another wedding the next day. I had to go spend the night at a friend's house because we were travelling to a small village 2.5 hours out of town and the transport we were using was leaving in the wee hours of Thursday morning at a place closer to my friend's house. Almost all conversations the wind threw my way that week were about weddings. All the three weddings I attended (if I'm counting that other wedding we found at church - all four) were of young couples. By that I mean people my age and younger, the youngest bride was 23 years old. This had me wondering to myself if this influx of young people getting married signifies a maintenance of equilibrium in the mindset of society?