Is Naomiimusic a resolution to artists complaints in Botswana?

            I have been blogging about talent for quite some time and I have even featured artists on my blog, readers who follow my work will be familiar with my saying time and time again that the music industry is taking a different track in Botswana. Is it for the good or for the worst? Well it’s up to how each individual sees it. In my opinion the industry is growing rapidly and the ‘SMART’ artists and entrepreneurs are making use of the opportunities the industry is dishing out.
            Batswana artists are always complaining about how people don’t buy their music. My question is “What are they doing about it or what have they done to date?” Complaints without any resolution ideas are merely deemed as NOISE.

           I’ve seen instances where artists shared their music for free via WhatsApp and other platforms without any hassle. One other thing that bothers me again are those artists who’ve been in the industry for long and are, however still stuck on the 90s music production line. Like I have said, the music industry has taken a different turn, people in their late 20s don’t buy music as much. They are probably saving for marriages, buying nappies and baby formulas or even saving up for their retirement plans. Sixteen year olds are most likely to buy music (in CD format) as compared to those in their 20s. Revolutionize yourselves PLEASE! Those ma14 are your niche unless you want to be a corporate LIVE performer. However, you will have to keep your day job for sure if you’ve got one because those gigs don’t come often. I’m not even going to mention the one hit wonders, if I was to jot down the list I’m pretty sure it’d be longer that most of their careers.
            Ok moving on, while on the topic of buying music, there has been a newly set-up Online Music library in Botswana, first of its kind I believe, and I’m excited about this venture.
If you call yourself an artist and haven’t heard of Naomiimusic you aren’t serious, no for real you aren’t. These guys have been aggressively pushing their brand on social media and radio stations.

            Basically what these guys do is, sell your music as an artist and even push your brand (well that’s what I think because your brand and music is all over their site, where else can you get such ‘Free’ advertising?!).
            Naomiimusic gives artists 70% of the proceedings, YEP 70% guys, it’s really huge and they only keep 30%. You don’t even have to pay any fees to these guys, you just give them your music and wait for your cheques to start coming in. Imagine this blows up and you have been with them for a long time under the 70-30 ratio, mmhhh.
            Their main aim, as stated by one of the representatives, is to create a stream of revenue for Botswana artists through consumption of their music. As at November 30th the Online Library stands with artists such as Melo, MMP, Scar, ATI and Lizibo among others.
            In my own opinion, it’s a really good initiative that achieves the goal of revolutionizing our music industry. I hope our artists who are always complaining on the airwaves would seize this opportunity. I honestly feel like they don’t have anything to lose with Naomiimusic since most of them have been giving out music for free.

          When you look at it, it’s a win-win for both parties. Like I said, if this blows up artists would be big and earning handsomely well. The power of the internet in this day and age is unbelievably insane! An artist might even get a purchase in places like Israel, Sri Lanka from fans they never knew they had.
            I honestly urge all the artists to take advantage of this platform because, it might be a break that they have been waiting for. It is not everyone who can afford to put their music on ITunes and it’s not everyone that owns an apple product to be bothered with music from there.
            My number one worry is whether Naomiimusic going forward will be focused on collecting music without much screening with hopes of cashing in good or will they look at quality over quantity? The reason why I’m bringing this up is because I know there are a lot of ‘Mokaragana’ artists who whine a lot about how their music is perceived.
            Just closing on Naomiimusic, as of the 11th of September the Online Library had revamped itself into a digital content platform allowing for more digital content such as podcast shows and blogs.
            Don’t hesitate to contact these guys to get more information about how things work and if you want to get an early ticket on the bandwagon (more details are on their website). Remember; the earliest bird catches the fattest worm. This platform is relatively new therefore take advantage of it.

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