Meet ESA SEIPATO A young Motswana Youtuber

The internet, one of the greatest invention to grace the universe. I really don’t know where I’d be without the internet, it has seen me through the good and bad times and it still does to date. It has made life easier for many if not all, we get to communicate with people in all sorts of platforms being it emails, social media platforms, IMs and the like. Some also use it to educate as well as entertain people through relevant platforms.
Batswana have since joined the huge phenomenon that the internet is, they are tapping into the internet madness going on, and we see a lot of people using all sorts of platform to entertain themselves. Today The Sopranst Blog features one of Botswana’s YouTubers. It’s not every day we meet a lot of Batswana on this platform, let’s hear what HE had to say.

Tell the readers briefly about yourself?
My name is Ontwetse Esa Seipato but everyone calls me Esa, it’s easier for everyone to pronounce (I am surrounded by a bunch of lazy people). I am 23 years old and I’m a YouTuber

You are a YouTuber why did you choose that route in the entertainment industry?
A year and a half ago I didn’t know that there was more to YouTube beyond Beyoncé’s music videos, I didn’t know that YouTube was an amazing platform where young people expressed themselves through video.
I moved to Turkey in 2013 and after posting a Facebook video of me strolling around Istanbul my good friend Bradley suggested that I start a blog about my new life in Turkey. I listened to him (boy oh boy am I glad I did!)And I have never looked back since then. I’ve had a lot of help with the decision to become a YouTuber, I don’t think we would be having this conversation if there wasn’t a Bradley.

Where do you get ideas about your videos?
I get my videos ideas from everywhere, but my top 3 got to places to get inspired are my shower, my toilet and the metro bus. I spend a lot of time in those three places.

You have a lot of videos in Turkish, why did you decide to Vlog in both English and Turkish?
I used to Vlog only in English but then as I kept uploading my videos I noticed that I was gaining a lot of loyal very sweet Turkish following and thought that I should make them feel at home too when they watch my videos.

How do you feel about your very first Video you posted?
That was the most embarrassing video I have ever made IN MY LIFE, I kept it private deep in space right now. It shall never be seen again, well, HOPEFULLY.

What kind reactions/response do you get from people, being a Motswana who speaks fluent Turkish?
My friends back home always joke that with the amount of Turkish I speak there won’t be any Setswana left in me when I come back home. I love them but they are silly, I would never forget my beautiful language!

You have almost a million views (850,000++) on your YouTube channel, when would you say was your breakthrough video?
I have never had a viral video. All my videos start out slow and gain traction over time. I would say my channel started growing once I started telling a story instead of being all over the place with random videos.

Share with Batswana about your experience as a YouTuber and how long you’ve been doing it and what you intend to do next.
YouTube has been my best friend for the past two years, it is my place of HAPPY a place where I can let all my stupid out. It is a platform that has allowed me to be creative and establish precious relationships with people all over the World.

You are in a vigorously growing industry how are you differentiating your brand from the rest of the other YouTubers?
You are right, YouTube is a sea of content right now with millions of different personalities posting their work every day. Making your content as unique as possible has become paramount on the platform, so I try to stay as authentic as possible to my true self because that is the only way I believe you can stand out by simply being you and no one else.

What’s your favourite ITEM you never leave the house without?
My necklace. It has a Picture of a street I love called Istiklal Taksim embedded on it

Who’s your favourite Motswana YouTuber?
Pink Identity and thisotherguy. YouTube has made us very good friends

Turkey or Botswana?
Botswana ALWAYS

Your secret to your every growing following.
I allow my viewers to see me be stupid and I always have a lot of fun when shooting my videos. If you have fun your audience will too.

How do you balance school and your YouTube ‘Job’
That is something I am still working on. My videos have subtitles and editing them usually takes around 4 hours and that’s a lot of time if I have a hectic schedule at school.
I sometimes take breaks in between posting videos to balance out the two out and it helps a lot. I usually take long breaks during exam period and I always feel awful when I have to be away from my viewers that long.

Any Motswana Entertainer or YouTuber you’d love to meet or work with in the future?
I am salivating over the possibility of working with Gaona Tlhasana one day, I hope she sees this. She is one of my favourite people.

Any tips for anyone who’d love to tap on that growing industry?
Grab a camera now and start making videos! Do not overthink it but just know that, that very first video you are going post might turn up being disastrous but KEEP GOING, Rome wasn’t built in a day RIGHT!!!

What do you think about the reception you get from Batswana about your Vlogging and the rest of the world?
Batswana have been very supportive of my videos and I appreciate that. I am impatiently waiting for the day YouTube becomes this HUGE phenomenon in my country the way it is in countries like the UK ,USA and Turkey because I know that Batswana has a lot of stories to tell.

Any plans in the next 24 months? What should we expect?
I going to work on being a very good publicist in the next two years and as far as my channel goes I will have over 200 thousand subscribers (a man can hope right).

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